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Welcome to the Mystery Dungeon wiki
Welcome to the Mystery Dungeon wiki
Welcome to the wiki for all things Mystery Dungeon! Check out information for all games in the series!
Please feel free to contribute by creating new articles or expanding on existing ones.
About the Mystery Dungeon franchise wiki:

The Mystery Dungeon franchise is a long running series of Roguelikes created originally by ChunSoft (later Spike ChunSoft), a Japanese developer, in 1993. The series now spans multiple console generations, platforms and uses both licensed and original characters.

This wiki is split into sections based on series and game, intended to make navigation and finding relevant information easier. While the wiki articles are in English, important gameplay elements such as item and monster names are listed in Japanese as well to aid players who choose to play the Japanese only releases. For the same reason, due to their importance in the community, fan made patches are covered to a lesser extent.

Fans of the hardcore roguelike games will find lots to love here.
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